"Your first lines are always strong in literally every song. Good stuff!
Keep up the great work. It was an honor to meet you!"
Jaye Albright,
Albright & O'Malley Country Consulting/RadioIQ,
Bainbridge Island, WA, US

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RyLee Madison uses:

D'Addario Strings



Live In Nashville EP

LIVE in Nashville - 2015
1. My Own Back Yard (Intro)
2. My Own Back Yard
3. July Sky (Intro)
4. July Sky
5. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Intro)
6. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
7. Before I Knew You (Intro)
8. Before I Knew You
9. Whatever This Is (Intro)
10. Whatever This Is
11. Can't Make You Stay (Intro)
12. Can't Make You Stay
13. When You Don't Listen (Intro)
14. When You Don't Listen

Christmas Christmas

Christmas Christmas - LTD EP 2013
1. Wish You Were Here - iTunes Single 2014
2. Christmas Christmas
3. Away In A Manger


Where Does The Time Go

Where Does The Time Go 2011
1. I Wish
2. It Can't Be That Bad lyric
3. Feels Like Something
4. Be Yourself
5. Where Does The Time Go lyric
(featuring Due West)
6. Plenty Of Angels lyric
7. Salt In The Air lyric
8. Beauty Of Forgiveness
9. Run lyric
10. December Leave Me Alone
11. Plenty of Angles (duet with David Huff)



LTD Edition - Where Does The Time Go 2010
1. Plenty of Angels lyric
2: Run lyric
3: Where Does the Time Go lyric
4: It Can't Be That Bad lyric
5: Salt In the Air lyric
6: I'm Thankful lyric


Me and Cinderella

Me & Cinderella 2006
1: Me & Cinderella
2: Ready for the Weekend
3: Kiss Me
4: Life When You View It From Here
5: Let The Sun Back In
6: In Tears
7: Juliet
8: Stuck to Each Other
9: Beautifully Simple
10: Happy Girl
11: You Can't Bring Me Down
12: Farewell....


Christmas At Home

Christmas At Home 2004
1: Must Be Christmas
2: Ho Ho Ho
3: Baby Jesus
4: Midnight Clear
5: Christmas Wish
6: Christmas At Home
7: Deck the Halls
8: Silent Night
9: Eve
10: Christmas Eve


life of rylee

the life of rylee 2002
1: It All Comes Back to You
2: Family
3: B4 I Die
4: You'd Cry Too
5: Simple Life
6: Life is Good
7: Giving In
8: Say A Little Prayer
9: That's What Friends Are For
10: Last Stop Before Heaven


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